Is The End Near For The Knicks?



Of course as a Knick fan, you prefer to remain hopeful, but as a member of the human race, you also don’t want to undergo serious emotional trauma when your outrageous hopes don’t meet reality.  Can the Knicks actually win three games in a row without a 100% Amar’e Stoudemire and a mending Chauncey Billups. two thirds of their current Big Three?  Well, on Easter, it would be conterintuitive for the faithful to not believe that the almost dead could rise again.  But, the truth is — it ain’t happening.  All we can ask for, even if we hope for more, is that the Knicks, who fought hard all season long to overcome lack of defensive coaching, trade rumors, trade realities and new teammates to give us the best regular season performance in years, come to MSG this afternoon ready to play as hard as they did most of the year.  If you’re going to go down, go down swinging.

So soon it will be time to talk about who will replace Mike D’Antoni, if he refuses to hire a non-family member to be the Knicks’ defensive coach.  Soon it will be time to talk about whether the Knicks exercise Chauncey’s option for a year for over $14 Million or let him go back home to Denver to work in the front office and spend time with his family.  Some time after tomorrow, the Knicks will announce whether Dolan will give Donnie Walsh another year or three to build a contender or whether he will turn the reins over to Mark Warkentien or give Isiah a chance at official redemption.  Soon, especially if LeBron goes to the finals, coupled with  continuing stellar playoff performances by Jamal Crawford and Zach Randolph, it will be time to admit that we didn’t need to tank two full seasons just to have a first round and out play-off team sans LeBron. 

Yes, unless there is a miracle, the end of our 2010-11 season is near; at least our off-season will be a little more exciting than our recent post-season performance.