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A confirmed IsiahThomas sighting was made today on New York’s Mid-Town West-side near Lincoln Center.
Jokingly a few in the crowd yelled “Isiah, you gonna end the Lockout?” Thomas just flashed his famous grin
and waved at the crowd. In retrospect…I thought…Hmmmm RealGM had written there would possibly be
a meeting this Wednesday or Thursday.
With Thomas having multiple Star players confide in him such as Joe Johnson, Melo, Amare, Chris Paul, Wade and even 
Lebron …. maybe Zeke is bringing their side of the CBA to the table due to him NOT OFFICALLY representing any
NBA team. Wow… what would the New York Media write if this blind speculation somehow becomes the truth?
Isola would give Walsh the credit. Berman would credit Marbury. A few of “The Knicksblog” crew would die of stroke
complications. LOL ZEKE SAVES THE NBA!