Knicks Fanatics Comment System Goes Nuclear

LiveFyreGood news Fanatics.  Bloguin has started upgrading the comment system and we have received the foundation of our new comments package.  The new system was developed with the same technology as Cover It Live.  The comments come quick and fast and eliminate the need to refresh the page every time you comment.  The new system should eliminate the preference that spam seems to get over our comments from time to time.  Best of all, we’re not done yet.  There are improvements yet to be made.

To take advantage of this new system and to comment freely, you will need to register with Livefyre or sign in using Facebook or Twitter for now.  To register with Livefyre, click on the Livefyre icon above the comment text box.  When you are on the Livefyre site, click join.  Create a Livefyre account and give yourself an avatar. (For those of you who want a custom made avatar, give me a holler!)

As I mentioned, we are not done yet.   Take note of the following:

- Integration with their Bloguin user name and password is coming

- Old comments will not be lost.  They aren’t visible at the moment, but they will be imported into the new system soon.

- Flickr, Twitpic, tinypic, and imgur are the supported image sources, meaning you just copy and paste the URL into the comment box and the image shows up as a thumbnail.

- For videos, YouTube and Vimeo work. Just paste the URL, and it works.

- This is a beta version of the system, so there are still some bugs being worked on.

So test out the new system and let us know what you think.