Knicks Fanatics Radio Is Back!!! Melo Talk Tonight At 7pm; LBE at 8pm

Upcoming Show: 2/27/2011 7:00 PM
Show Name:

The Knicks and Knicks Fanatics Radio Are Back (Episode 18)

Date / Length: 2/27/2011 7:00 PM – 45 min
Call-in # (646) 721-9363

Join us here and at KnicksFanaticRadio for the return, by popular demand, of the community radio show, hosted tonight by Lives and O&B with orginal sounds by Peaceman.  Tonight while we discuss a myriad of issues, starting with the arrival of Carmelo Anthony, this thread will be opne for a simultaneous discussion which will be part of the show.  So we not only encourage you to call in to talk shop, but keep the convo going right here.


Editors Note: Besides the flubbing of a beautifully planned opening, where the voice over was a voice under, Episode 18 featuring Peaceman, Lives, O&B, a brief cameo by A-dub and a call-in by John of Syracuse was pretty good.  I imagine the producer (LIVES.  LOL) will get it right next time, but if he doesn’t, you can still dig the “Melo” intro composed and created by our talented in-house music director, Peaceman.  Stay tuned.  We’ll get back on the radio horse next Sunday at 7pm.