Knicks Lose To Cavs Post-Game Rants Thread

C’mon, let’s get it all out.  I’ll get started with some bullet points that were pouring out on my pillow like morning sleep-drool.  Even the forbidden post-game wine couldn’t wash away the thoughts of the Knicks losing to the Cavs for the third time this season. Ughh.  Ugly.  Sub-Cavalier Ugly. Uber-oogly.

  • The LBE was good fun, again.  Peaceman and O&B opened up, which is always nutty good.  We saw Prince, Vic Corbit, Mr. Big Points (JMattHicks), LIVES (Me), BARF and an A-Dub cameo.
  • Peaceman had one of the funniest lines in the LBE when he was told the big Fanatic party may happen at Prudential Center on April 8th against the Nets: “I’m from New York. . . . I’m afraid to go to Newark.”
  • Thank God, the Knicks won’t face the Cavs in the playoffs.
  • Melo should have passed or shot the J instead of forcing a lay-up on his last shot.
  • Douglas is a pure 2.  He is at his best when his “Me Shoot First” meter is on, but it interferes with his ability to pass and direct.
  • JJeff is going to be fairly valuable the rest of the season
  • Brigham Young was right for suspending Brandon Davies for having pre-marital sex with his girl friend if it is a violation of their honor code.  Now the school should show honor and ask all the professors and other students to admit their little premarital and extramarital sexual activity.  Too bad BD’s teammates will suffer from him getting busy. But BYU suffers as a whole and that is good and fair. What a gamble.  BTW, was Brandon Davies’ girlfriend suspended too for playing the spread?
  • Baron Davis looked a lot better than he did when Donald Sterling was heckling him.  He showed some of those famous skills.
  • 76ers are now only 1/2 game behind us for sixth spot.  Watch Indiana and Charlotte.  Charlotte is five games back, but are the ones that can keep us out of the playoffs.
  • Samardo Samuels did a great acting job to turn a Melo elbow waive into a knock down tech.
  • Ramon Sessions has game but missed a few lay-ups last night before he crossed over Douglas for a lay-in.
  • Amar’e with 41 is starting to get comfortable with Melo on the floor.
  • D’Antoni refuses to talk about defensive deficiencies in the post-game.  He talks about how good offensively Sessions and Baron are as though they can automatically beat a good offense.  He talks about not closing out games offensively.  His problem is that Stat and Melo talk about defensive lapses.  Stat was pointed on the team’s failure to handle the P&R.  D’Antoni may not last the superstar’s exit interview.  Stay tuned to this.
  • Nate Robinson has knee surgery.  Checking out for the season per mutual agreement?
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  • Losing sucks.  We need Chauncey. Thank God Josh Smith might not be available on Sunday when we meet the Hawks.

What do you think?