Knicks Need To Be Smarter On The Court And In The Front Office

(Editor: Tman took the time to give us this analysis in the comment section. I thought some of you might like to examine it just a little bit more from the Penthouse view.)

It’s the philo not the moment,

“NY Post

The Knicks had many chances to repel the Thunder in the final minute, but an ice-cold Felton kept missing and finished 5 of 16 — 1 of 6 in the final 3:20.
Felton is 29-of-94 during the Knicks’ six-game losing streak, and though D’Antoni would not question Felton’s late shot selection, his All-Star bid may have crashed last night.
“That’s what he does,” D’Antoni said. “He’ll knock down more than he misses.”
The buzzer-beating loss spoiled Gallinari’s solid outing. He went for an efficient 23 points in 29 minutes, drove hard to the basket, bagged three 3-pointers, blocked two shots and played fiery defense. But in the fourth quarter he had just one shot attempt in 8:17.
D’Antoni said Felton and Amar’e Stoudemire are the Knicks’ fourth-quarter “bread and butter,” but admitted they must start getting Gallinari more involved late.
“It’s something we got to do better,” D’Antoni said.
It was not Stoudemire at his best. For the second straight night, the banged-up big man didn’t score 20 points after 26 straight games of reaching that mark. He had 18 on 7 of 18 shooting, but was just 1 of 7 in the fourth quarter.”


Raymond FeltonFelton gots to be who he is, unfortunate, because he definitely is a warrior, but a warrior with a point guard’s head would serve us a little better. Yeah, he is injured, but no excuses once you step on the court.

A few questions.

 Could any of his last three unsuccessful shots have been a pass to someone open, maybe a successful p&r or other since he was after all being guarded so closely?  Granted, Gallo had a decent 3/4 of a game, but one shot in the 4th, not so successful. Why not switch a better defender, Chandler, and an in general tougher guy, to the 3, bring in Turiaf to defend and get taller, against a guard who is coming down the middle at will? Oh yeah, we don’t want to fycke with Gallo’s psyche, he’s our future.

Look at Amare’s shot chart. He is being played very physically by stronger guys. They are manhandling him, using hand strength and going for the ball.Chuck Hayes is the prototype,tuff, tuff guy. Amare only has an advantage on these guys when on the move. Forget the post up, he’s facing up and shooting more and more jumpers with less and less success. The 4th quarter is becoming a losing bloodbath and frustration — see techs they are acoming, the word of the day.

What to do, what to do? Unfortunately the answer is clear to Knick management like Walsh who have been around the block a few times. Play smarter, get easier baskets, stop sending Amare to war with guys he can’t physically match over a season.

Walsh knows this and would be fine with a playoff spot and out. Unfortunately there is still half a season to play. It’s the day to day that’s so hard to deal with. Walsh has to carry a D’ummy like D’Ant whose offense rests on a point-bulldog who refuses to play the game as more of a mental exercise than a physical ballet. And then there’s the dreaded background piece that other GMs anticipate while sipping their cognac and puffing a cuban.   “Amare will get hurt, sooner than later because of his underlying injuries”.The “I told ya so” is waiting patiently in the wings.

What to do? What to do? Sure there is the Melo band aid, that may work for a while, but Amare is a full grown assed man. He ain’t growing anymore.Two things beyond a big man trade, play smarter.That means the coach has to embrace more defensive choices, like get some minutes from Mosgow to beat the mess out of whoever is abusing Amare that day, play more to Turiaf than Gallo (that whole situation is a mystery, moreso after watching KLove picked before him and Gorden after him) and play more D in general. Hell, we all know that’s not going to happen! Second, get Felton to pass the ball better, and play smarter.There is a lot of ego involved there, but like any job there is a learning curve.He has to see that.He is gone from the All Star convo because he can’t keep his numbers, and team’s numbers, up. Is he being worn down? Probably, but is the coach going to change?

The bus is warming up. Don’t be surprised by who gets thrown under it in the evolving, depressing road-trip through D’ola’ntoni town. Don’trade Fields, his output is controlled by team play which is down for previously stated reasons. We don’t want to revert to 3 guys looking for their offense and 2 guys watching. Been down that road, boring. Raymond just do it for yourself. Chances? See sentence above starting with”Hell”.

No Just-Us,No Piece LGK