Knicks vs. Celtics (Game 1) Preview

Merry Knicksmas, fanatics!

We are around 12 hours away from the biggest Knick game in a long time! It may not be playoff basketball but it’s the next best thing; Knicks vs. Celtics, New York vs. Boston, on opening day!

There may be debate as to whether or not this is actually a rivalry but the Celtics went 10-0 against the Knicks last year (including pre and post season) and, quite frankly, we don’t want to lose again. And besides, how can you not hate the likes of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce (who, by the way, may be too scared to even play tomorrow)?

But beating the Cs won’t be an easy task. Rondo ripped us apart in the playoffs last year, penetrating the paint play in and play out and we can only hope that Shumpert guarding him and Chandler holding down the middle can slow him down. Pierce may not play tomorrow, but if he does he definitely still has it in him to take it to Carmelo Anthony on offense and defense, especially if he doesn’t live up to all his talk of improving his D.

Last year’s games were up-and-down, end-to-end action, with last years December match-up still sticking in my mind. Tomorrow should provide similar excitement but we better make sure Pierce doesn’t have a chance to bow to the Garden this time.

It may have just been a few months since the last time the Celtics hit the court, but they are aging fast and with an angered Rondo and a bit of roster shuffling, it’s prime time for the Knicks to strike.

It’s about time that the Knicks took the Atlantic Division crown and what better way to start than to send a message by beating the old men in green on Christmas!

Let’s Go Knicks!