Landry Fields Confronts His Weakness

“I’m just trying to go out there and really focus on locking and trailing against Ray Allen, because they set a lot of screens for him. Hopefully I can carry that over into the game. Playing against him three times helps, definitely. Like I said, it’s just going to be a focus on what I need to do on him as an individual.

Individually from the offensive standpoint, I want to going out there, pick and choose my spots, and when I’m open, take the shot — just kind of remaining aggressive but still confident at the same time.

I agree with Coach D’Antoni’s claim that I’ve been thinking too much on the court recently. I think it’s actually one of my biggest strengths and biggest weaknesses at the same time. Right now it’s just going out there and reacting, and not trying to be so cerebral.

We just need to go out there and have fun.”

From Landry Field’s Playoff Diary @ The New York Post