According to a source….. Landry Fields MAY be involved in a trade and switch of draft picks.  The source did not reveal whom was involved but it looks like the end of Landry in a Knick Uniform. However, the source stated that the once prized Rookie was expendable due to the Knick’s dire need for a Center and PG.  Sorry all you Fields fans but it makes sense and he is expendable if you want to win NOW.  The speculation is whom we are getting in return.  “It is a Veteran” the source said, but would not say if it was a PG or Center. However, it will also bring an end to the “Andy & Landry show.”  The Source did emphatically State that Andrew Bynum was not involved in this upcoming Scenario.  Good Luck Landry…if this does happen, we hardly knew you and you won’t get the chance to disappear in another round of the playoffs wearing a knick Jersey! “Amare is on the 3/4 meter of his prime” is the main reason the knicks can’t wait 3-4 years for Landry to develop, the source stated.  Don’t shoot the messenger!