MELO ready for a phenomenal season.

Carmelo Anthony was having a late lunch at a restaurant  at South Street Seaport yesterday when my friend and I approached him to say hi.
Since my friend and I were both wearing his number 7 jersey..Melo smiled and waved which made us decide to approach him. The La La-less 
Melo was very receptive as we asked him a few questions. Ergo the following:

Q: Melo, how does it feel to be a Knick?
A: I’m living a dream.

Q: Do you believe there will be a season?
A: I’m  Optimistic.. I hope so!

Q: You look in great shape, what’s your workout schedule like?
A: I’m in the best shape of my life. Every Knick seems to have worked out excessively this Summer.

Q: Do you read the local Knick blogs?
A: No comment..( he laughs) seriously? Someone in the locker room always finds something written and we either
poke fun at it or have a group laugh. ( Melo returns to his food)

Q: Ok Melo..bring us a chip like you did in CUSE and are you coming to the Earth Wind & Fire free concert here tomorrow?
A: Their here tomorrow for free? Wow..I may stop by. What time? Reply: 5PM

Q: Melo please look up don’t have bigger fans.
A: Knicksfanatics what? Reply: (Melo) I will..Peace.