Mikhail Prokhorov to the Nets and the Rest of the NBA: I’m The Daddy! I’m in Charge!

The New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov essentially called off the dogs Wednesday afternoon, in a self serving press conference, announcing that the New Jersey Nets will no longer pursue a deal for Carmelo Anthony’s services.

You might be thinking, “How could the press conference be self serving?”  Well to me, this conference was about saving face in what appears to be a loss for Prokhorov vs. Donnie Walsh and the New York Knicks. It’s much easier to give the illusion that Prokhorov is indeed in charge, making the final call then it is to admit that Carmelo Anthony has had all the leverage throughout this entire ordeal.  Yet, there was Prokhorov putting on the corporate charm that seduces shareholders and boosts morale, but fails to uncover the cold hard truth. The New Jersey Nets have failed to attract the most talented players to their side and they will not be a championship caliber team for many years to come. The 5 year window that Prokhorov has proposed is a pipe dream and he knows it.

Yesterday’s conference was the first step towards admitting that. The Blueprint for Greatness surely didn’t include these speed bumps.