Mozgov’s Agent Wants Center To Return To NY! (Video)


“From Russia with lots of love.”  That’s what can be said about 25-year old Timofey Mozgov’s return to Denver where he will rejoin the Nuggets as only the seventh Russian to play in the NBA.  For five months, during the lockout Mozgov, a “living legend” in his country, was treating his countrymen to colorful blogging and a taste of the skills he developed in the NBA after signing a three-year contract with the Knicks.  The center led BC Khimki to a perfect record while he was there.  Mozgov, a casualty of the Knicks’ big trade for Carmelo Anthony leaves Russia as one of the best centers in the country but also with much love from his national fans.

Apparently, although Mozgov and his wife, Alla, have settled in Denver, the center’s agent is looking forward to next season when his client is a free agent.  He expects the big guy to be a beneficiary of the love Mozgov felt from New York fans where he received more playing time and developed as a fan favorite for his efforts.   Mozgov’s agent, Maksim Sharifianov, said “We can talk maybe 1 year and a half later when he will be a free agent.  I am really sure that the Knicks will want to receive him back because he did a really good job with the Knicks and the fans of the Knicks really love him.”  

Mozgov came to the Knicks as a secret weapon because no one really knew what he could do.  Unfortunately, in a D’Antoni team, big guys are generally tossed on the court with a short leash unless they can shoot three pointers fluidly.  Still, Mozgov may be in the mix next year when the Knicks still need a big man with a contract longer than one year to compliment whatever version of the big three (the Paul, Melo, Amare version is the fave now) they end up with. 

Do you think that the Knicks should bring Mozgov back?