NBA Big Questions Week 9

Every Week (Well Almost Every Week) Jeff Fox asks the NBA Big Questions. If I were asking the questions this week I’d ask the Knicks Fanatics why Mike D’Antoni didn’t play Timofey Mozgov against the Los Angeles Lakers. Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled program.This week, Lives and I answered the call. Here’s some of our answers. Be sure to check out the rest at

Rumours abound that the Suns are contemplating trading Steve Nash, perhaps to the Knicks.  Should Phoenix ship Nash out of town and should New York make an effort to get him, or are they better off continuing their efforts to woo Carmelo Anthony?

AH: From New York’s perspective it makes sense to entertain the idea of acquiring a player like Steve Nash but there’s so many factors to consider and I just don’t believe that they should go too far down this road. If he falls into their lap with a deal that doesn’t handcuff them financially then yes pull the trigger but I can’t imagine a deal making sense for both teams that doesn’t involve Raymond Felton, who should be untouchable right now.

From the Suns perspective they should trade Nash only if it means they get a young superstar in the deal. Other than that i don’t think it would be wise to trade one of the best point guards, albeit an aging one at the end of his career, when he could help bring along the younger fellas and put butts in the seats. I don’t think he goes anywhere.

Lives: “The Knicks are simply better standing pat at this point and getting what they need short term, which is more length and bulk in the front court and another point guard that can play about 12 minutes and run the offense including distributing the ball.”

All-NBA Team -

AH: Forwards – If you look at the leaders for Points + Assists + Rebounds per game, Kevin Love is at the top of that list. It’s hard to keep him off of the All NBA team but I’m also considering his teams’ performance and whether or not I would build a team around him. I’d love to have him on my squad but not as the main attraction. Lebron James and Amar’e Stoudemire(4th in the league in blocks, not bad for a guy who plays no D) are second and third on that list but they also have the superstar status that can make or break a franchise. Kevin Love is not there yet. Honorable mention also goes to Kevin Durant, who leads the league in scoring.

Guards – Deron Williams gets the nod over Rajon Rondo because Rondo has been hurt. He also scores a little bit more than Mr. CP3. Dwyane Wade has to be given much respect for the load that he’s carrying in Miami. After getting off to a sluggish start he’s been nothing short of spectacular during the Miami Heat’s recent run. Williams is a complete player that can beat you in so many ways. Anytime he’s on the floor I am completely captivated.

Center – we know what Dwight Howard has been all about since he’s been in the league. Defense and rebounding are his cornerstones. Now that he’s taken his offensive repertoire to another level he’s on the verge of being a very scary player.

Which division is the League’s best currently?

AH: “The Southwest Division is slightly better than the Northwest at this point. San Antonio and Dallas have been straight up balling and they both have a chance to win it all. New Orleans is a dangerous team on any night and Memphis and Houston are very competitive teams that hover around .500.  The Northwest has four squads above .500. Something no other Division can claim, but I don’t think that any of those teams will be there at the end.”

Lives: “Miami, Orlando, Atlanta and Charlotte head the best division in the Southeast and they have they greatest potential for improvement.  Charlotte is destined to improve after taking the Brown shackles off his squad.  Atlanta is a very good team by birth, but for some reason they can’t seem to pull all that talent together to become uber elite.  Miami and Orlando are elite.  The Lakers may still be the best team but their division has the reeling Suns as the number two team.  No contest.”