New York Is “Ultimate Dream” For Melo

Peaceman should love this.

In his latest interview with ESPN, Carmelo Anthony tell reporter Colleen Dominguez that he has not made up his mind but New York is the “ultimate dream,” but he says he is keeping his options open and he has a lot of questions.

On the other hand, quite frankly I don’t know what to believe. He likes the idea of playing in Brooklyn, but it is fairly obvious he does not want to get stuck in the Prudential Center in Newark. He is also concerned about the upcoming CBA which indicates that the money has some importance to him, so he hasn’t totally taken Denver out of his future. (Do you believe that? Don’t they get fined for suggesting that they want a trade?).

The latest report is that Anthony Randolph’s agent is demanding a trade and that the Knicks are shopping him for a draft pick. Perhaps last night’s loss to the Kings was a combination of jet lag and the players’ thought of being jettisoned soon to make room for Melo.

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