No Deal Yet! NBA and Players Are Still Disagreeable

“We made a lot of concessions but this time, unfortunately, it’s not enough,” said Billy Hunter, the executive director of the National Basketball Players Association after the NBA and the NBPA ended negotiations on Friday afternoon without reaching an agreement to end the lockout. 

Are you surprised?  If so, that was probably the result of wishful thinking more than it was of admitting the obvious.  The owners have decided that now is the time to muscle the players into an unfavorable agreement.  Despite losing millions, the owners believe that over the long haul they will recoup their loses and regain their fans, but are likely to earn billions of dollars from potential concessions, not the $100 million difference in positions between the owners and the players.  Don’t be fooled, the owners have already decided they are willing to lose a full season if their demands are not met.  They intend to bring the players to their knees and to break the union in half.  Can they do it?  Or will the players cave in to the demand for a 50-50% split of BRI after conceding a bunch on the system issues.