Noisemaker & A-dub LEAD DAY 1 OF THE DANCE

Proof Dat BYU be practicing Racalist Double Standard’s.

 NOIZEMAN & A-DUB LEAD DAY ONE OF THE BIG DANCE. However, everyone is very close and still in the Mix! Here is a breaking report fron the Onion:


Report: Danny Ainge Got Tons Of Pussy At BYU

The Knicks beat up on Memphis as we Knew they would. O&B is no longer on meds. While Statesman is still in LA trying to get Andrew Bynum to the knicks other Fanatics are in the Yahoo Bracketology NCAA Hoop Fest! Now comes the breaking news from the worlds most unbias source….. The Onion:


PROVO, UT—Following BYU’s dismissal of one of its basketball players for having premarital sex with his girlfriend, teammates of former BYU star Danny Ainge confirmed Friday that the shooting guard got shitloads of pussy when he was enrolled at the school, fucking a different girl every night of the week from 1977 to 1981. “‘All-The-Way Ainge’ was boning chicks constantly. In fact, I remember his dorm room just reeking of pussy,” said former BYU center Greg Kite, adding that Ainge was known across campus as “The Pussy Magnet,” “The Pussy Vacuum,” and “The Pussyhound of the Baskervilles.” “In the 1979 NCAA tournament, he bent some woman over the laundry hamper in the locker room and fucked her from behind during halftime. For the rest of the game, whenever he handled the basketball, it smelled like pussy.” Former Cougars power forward Fred Roberts recalled that Ainge liked to make women do all the work during sex, a style Ainge often referred to as “putting my cock on cooze control.”