Noize’s Bracket Leads The KFB NCAA Challenge: The March Madness Thread

As Ali-G noted in his report below (also see his story from his Onion sources on Danny Ainge and racist double standards at BYU), Paul Noize’s bracket leads halfway through the first round.  However, he is being followed closely by brackets belonging to A-dub, Castroatthepoint, Peaceman and Lives as seen by the chart below. Paul, so far, only has two wrong out of sixteen games, being upset by Morehead State which beat Louisville and UCLA which disposed of Michigan State.  Since this is my story (and this is unlikely to happen ever again), I will take the liberty to say that Paul’s mastery of the bracket is pretty sweet, but my ESPN bracket finds me tied for 318th (out of millions of brackets) with a record of 15-1. The only problem with my slight braggadocio is that my ESPN selctions are simply slightly better guesses than all my other brackets.  At least I’m not losing this competition to O&B. LOL.