Nuggets up the Ante? Knicks need to Stand Firm and Consider Other Options!

Let me say that I’m officially tired of the Melodrama. This stuff has cut into my beauty sleep. LOL!

In the recent hours, “twitter news” has come out from Newsday’s Alan Hahn that the Nuggets have indeed upped the ante and asked for more:

 “Source says if Knicks decline to include Mozgov in the package, Anthony will be traded to the Nets.

That tweet was followed by the next bit from Hahn on twitter:

 “Re: Carmelo going to Nets if Knicks don’t include Mozgov, Carmelo still would have to sign off on extension. Sources still say he won’t.

Later today, Chris Broussard, tweeted the following:

Sources say Den has not given NYK ultimatum that if Mozgov’s not in deal, they’ll trade him to NJ.” 

Before I leave it to Knicksfandom to ponder further, I’ll just say the following.

Back away Knicks! Back away! If the Nuggets continue to push for more and you blink, they’ll ask for more. Who next? Fields? Another draft pick? That’s why it’s ultimately vital to not just draw a line but to also toe that line and not back down.

Some radio personalities will cry with desperation that everything and the kitchen sink should be surrendered to placate a warlike Nuggets management team (assuming the tweets are true from Hahn). No cost is too high, no sacrifice to great. Melo and STAT and a couple of water boys and towel boys will carry the Knicks to a Championship because Stars win games in the NBA. But It’s not only stars! It’s defense, team chemistry, a good bench, complimentary players and reserves which constitute the supporting casts that helps balance and fortify a team. The warped AAU mega alliance mentality created in the world Post Lebron James decision has completly skewed that vision. Now not even a home grown team is good enough. Even a legitimately fair offer (and slight overpay), by any standards, for Carmelo Anthony’s services is insufficient.  

Here is the problem with the stakes at play in surrendering the barn for Carmelo. it leaves you not only without a balance of a supporting cast (reserves and roles players) in a potentially cap squeezed next Collectively Bargained NBA, it also locks the Knicks into a position where the assets needed to add a Deron Williams or Chris Paul are no longer there. Why? Because they would have all been surrendered to placate Denver’s onerous trade demands leaving the Knicks cupboard devoid of assets to swing trades to complete a Knicks triumvirate down the road. 

Actually with the next NBA season having a clarified salary cap and Collective Bargaining Agreement in place, it may now be in the Knicks best interest to consider plans B. C. D etc. That includes backing out with the Nuggets current “ante up more or else” posture.

I say this because if you have all these assets to pitch at a combo of either Dwight Howard and Paul or Williams you may get the 2 other pieces of a big 3 in a less complicated or convoluted context. Currently the fear of the new CBA is the only leverage the Nuggets have. Neither, New Orleans, Utah, or Orlando will have that leverage next season. With a CBA that is resolved, the Knicks management team may find themselves in better position to pawn their assets and preserved draft picks to build their own big three over next season.

The Knicks have made the fair yet slightly excessive bid for Anthony. Their owner has met face to face with Anthony to show him they are seriously interested in his Star and services and willing to make a sacrifice to add him to their team. But the Knicks need to hold firm in their stand that the resolution of this matter should now rest with the Nuggets. The Knicks should not back off the lines they’ve drawn to yet again be guided by the knee jerk ghosts of Knicks desperation. With a clearer picture of a new bargaining structure at play next year, a full roster of rising wings, reserves and a point guard on the roster and draft picks to save up for the next season, the Knicks should strongly consider the possibilities of other options in a clearer NBA landscape come next season. To pay too much now may leave them with little on the table to acquire the third piece of a triumvirate or even round out a star duo of Anthony and Stoudemire.

This is what the Knicks need to consider when they draw their line in the Sand!