PaulNoize and Steady Lead Second Round of KFB-NCAA Brackets

At the end of the second round of the NCAA Tournament, long-time Knicks Fanatics Paul and Steady lead the challenge with 49 and 43 points respectively.  Jay Bee, Lives and another of Paul’s brackets are tied for a close third place with the tournament continuing  on March 26. Noize deftly selected 39 of the 48 winners while going 10 for 16 in the second round with a relatively conservative bracket that lost one final four selection when Pittsburgh fell to Butler in a funky foul-plagued end game.  How have you enjoyed the tourney?  Are your brackets as good as Paul’s or maybe yours is as good as President Obama’s Bracket? To date. President Obama has fared better than 99.9% of the millions of ESPN contestants? Whether or not you have a bracket, do you see a  young player that the Knicks should be looking to pick up in the next couple of years?  Who is it?