Peaceman Projected The Winner Of KFB Bracketology Challenge 2011

With all but the final four and championship games complete, we project that Peaceman will be the winner of the KFB 2011 Bracketology Challenge.  After round four, Peaceman leads the pack with 68 points with the potential for achieving 85 points if Kentucky makes it to the Championship round by beating  UConn.  O&B, under the bracket name Blue and Orange Puma, has made amazing come back.  After, living with the fishes in the bottom part of the competition for most of the tournament, he has a chance to secure second with 75 points, also if Kentucky wins.  Most brackets were decimated by the defeat of all the top seeded teams.  Since all the other players have achieved their maximum number of points, Peaceman has been unofficially declared the winner of this year’s competition. 

We will seek quotes from Peaceman, the man responsible for our early insight into the Carmelo Anthony trade, later.