Pistons Send Knicks Backwards In 99-95 Loss


The Knicks, after dropping behind the 76ers in the standings, are dangerously close to playing themselves out of the playoffs although their magic number is in single digits with 13 games remaining.  Instead of beating the teams they are supposed to beat, we find the Knicks giving half-hearted efforts on defense and losing to typically horrible teams.  This time the Knicks lost to the lowly Pistons who outworked the Knicks down the stretch to pull out a 99-95 win.  The Knicks are now 7-7 since the Carmelo Anthony trade.  Melo has become “MeLow Shooting Percentage” as he shot 2-12 on his way to his lowest scoring game, 6 points, of his career.

The Knicks started the game with a strong defensive mind-set, but they were not nearly as proficient from the arc as they were the previous night against the Griz when they combined for 20 three pointers.  The Knicks only shot 39%  from the tre against the Pistons.

The Knicks allowed another opposing big to have a memorable game as Chris Wilcox, a former Knicks’ bench-warmer, scored 13 points on 5-6 shooting and made some key effort plays down the stretch.  In the end, it was the Knicks, again, unable to make stops when needed.   Follow the Fanatics’ game discussion with Peaceman, O&B, BARF, Lives, DLT, Prince and Aaron Hodges at last night’s LBE.  See the Box Scores after the jump.