“Goliath” Celebrates and Cashes in on “Evident Progress?”

I love themes. I see it all the time with the Knicks organization. Prematurity is one of them. You know what I’m talking about?

Extending Isaiah Thomas early in March of the 2006-07 season shortly after the Knicks held the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference Playoffs for a nano second. Extending Thomas when the mere showing of the Knicks as a blip on the playoff radar was apparently enough “evident progress” to satisfy James Dolan’s mandate to his former Executive and then designated head coach.

You know that Prematurity?

Like when Amar’e Stoudemire declared “The Knicks are back” shortly after his signing of a multiyear free agent contract with the Knicks last summer.

The sort of prematurity that had many a hopeful and covetous Knicks fan in shear Euphoria when the Carmelo Anthony trade was culminated despite the gutting of an admirably rebuilt and youthful roster.

Sure the Knicks prematurity doesn’t have anything on the faux Multiple Championship  Celebration carried out by Lebron James of the Miami Heat down in South Beach after James had stomped on the heart of small town America. You remember that one? “Not one, not two, not three, . . .etc, etc.”

The Knicks couldn’t top that sort of prematurity but they’ve sure come close with the hike in ticket prices announced by Madison Square Garden. The hike in pricing is in part due to Dolan’s refusal to raise prices in non playoff years.  Apparently James is certain the Knicks are a shoe in for the playoffs this year. What with “Two Superstars” in the Garden, that is no doubt “evident progress” towards the playoffs and certainly a championship. Right?

I know Madison Square Garden also raised pricing to finance the renovation of the Garden. But I like how certain Dolan is in the eminent playoff birth of his very own Goliath Super Team.

Sure the Garden’s Goliath is long in the tooth at the point, weak in the knees at the four and lackadaisical on defense at the three and underwhelming schematically on quality defense but it’s the Garden’s Goliath gosh darnit.

Sure it’s a bastardized Frankenstein monster caught in an ugly neutral between half court players by style of play and age and speedball components at the reserves.

Sure the Garden’s Goliath can be scored over and has an easy pass to the lane all too often.

But there’s no way the Garden’s Goliath could blow the remaing 8 of 16 games it will encounter against sub .500 teams basically out of the playoff hunt?

They wouldn’t repeat the meltdowns against the likes of the Cavaliers and Pacers? Right? That would indeed make Dolan look awfully premature!