“No Hugging, No Commenting.” Knicks Fanatics Blog (KFB) Needs You To Put In Some Work (Call To Action)

Last night on Knicks Fanatics Blog Talk Radio, Steady expressed the frustration of many fanatics about the current state of the commenting system on the blog.  Steady’s comments reflected the e-mails I have been receiving and the fact that no one has commented on KFB in a couple of days although we continue to have a good volume of visitors.  I understand that Fanatics and Friends are having difficulty commenting and accessing the blog.   Based on our discussions with Bloguin and Livefyre, we anticipate the problems will be remedied fairly soon, but we need your help.  This is a call to action.

First, please make sure you are properly signed up through Livefyre.  Second, please try to make a comment even if it is “Testing” or ‘”This sucks Pacer wind.”  Third, please let us know, through e-mail, the comment section, the contact section of the blog, etc, exactly what your difficulties are.  I am not having any problems commenting on the blog although it is extremely frustrating hunting and pecking through multiple articles to keep up with the most recent comments.  I can follow the comment log through my administrative panel, but I don’t need additional e-mails in my primary in-box alerting me to every comment in every conversation.  I prefer to handle my blog business on the blog.  What about you?

Please be assured that I have been assured that Livefyre and Bloguin are working as quickly as possible.  Livefyre is a relatively young company and their growth relies on a successful roll out of what is a much better product than what we had previously.  So, there is no need to continue sending me nasty e-mails that are not helpful but hurtful. Cry (Just Bloguin).  The comment system will ultimately be much better — it’s just difficult for me to tell you exactly when things will be OK without sounding like a home improvement contractor telling you “within a week,” every two weeks or telling you how much I love working for you and not returning your phone calls or showing up at the job for a few days, because your are really not that important in the grand scheme of me making money.   OH OH OH, I’m sorry.  I digress — having homeowner flashbacks.  I’m over it, I think.

Anyway, please try to comment and let me know where we stand.

Other Housekeeping News:  Thanks to Steady, VicC and Peace for making the radio show another gem.  Listeners, just ignore the second flub of the intro by yours truly.  The rest of the show is ten times better, because your boys throw down some great knowledge and analysis of the state of the Knicks.  Needless to say, I am not happy that my computer crashed as we opened the show, but like in a basketball game, after a turnover we gotta pull ourselves together and keep the pressure on the opponent — in this case mediocrity. . . . I am geeked, pumped, stoked, on fire:  I got my first Knicks Fanatics T-Shirt and it’s great.  Real cotton, soft and the design is perfectly placed.  I haven’t washed it yet though.  Still, I set up the T’s last year and didn’t buy one, being a little skeptical that it could be designed without actually having the t-shirt and the silk screen in front of me, like in the old days.  But, I broke down and bought one. What’s even cooler is that I am about to design one with all of the Fanatic names/screen names on the back.  So if you want to be sure you are on the shirt, give me a holler.  I’m getting a couple after I set it up and may give away a few on the site here. . . .Don’t forget to enter your brackets into the Knicks Fanatics Yahoo Pick ‘Em group.  It’s great fun.  I don’t remember who won last time.  Was it Jaybee?  Anyway, this time I’m entering four versions of my bracket to improve my chances of winning.  I need to win something after both my wife and my three-year old beat my behind in a Wii three point shooting contest.   (I just had a tough weekend.  Charlie Sheen knows I need some “Winning.” So on that note, I am headed to the gym this early morning to start my “winning” week.  I hope yours is winning too.  Taking care of blog business will point you in that direction. Later)