“Sic Semper Tyrannis”



What?……………What?………….Winning vs. Celebrity Dinner


Would Melo rather be at the dinner or doing what LeBron is doing? Playing the next round of the playoffs? This thread had to be written by an AAU 21st century Balla.


Funkentelchy during Playoffs:


1) Was Z-Bo traded because he was acquired by Zeke?


2) Did New Yorkers appreciate Z-Bo’s warrior attitude or was he

Blamed for Curry’s decline?


3) Does Modi allow the personal to affect his objectivity?

(What about Z-BO hurting OJ & Conley’s development?)


4) Is it more enjoyable to watch a young team grow over a few

years(Memphis, & Thunder) or to acquire a group of All-stars that are not as hungry, but will get to the playoffs?


5) Will the country appreciate the Memphis, OK-City series?


6) The regular season and the playoffs are two different sports


7) Watching LeBron appearing to have a comfort level as Robin as opposed

to Batman gives insight into his psychological position. He really does

not believe that he is a bad mutherfuc……… It’s so mental


8) Can D’Antoni get the Knicks to play defense with playoff intensity.


9) Can Billups stay in front of any of these young guards.


10) Who’s the Knicks defensive tone setter? Don’t say JJ

Peace & Blessings