Super Size Us!

In the day before Friday’s free agency Friday free for all, a bizarre series of events happened. No I’m not talking about the Knicks imminent signing of Free Agent Center, Tyson Chandler. Sure that bit of news is bound to put a dent in the Chris Paul to the Knicks rumors. Nope. I’m talking about a reported deal apparently confirmed by various sports news sources that wasn’t. But now again just might be.

Yes. That story. The one that reports that the multi team trade that would have gotten Chris Paul to the Lakers is dead. Killed by the League Owned New Orleans Hornets, after a cackle of small market owners, lead by Dan Gilbert, went into a tizzy.

So who’s eating Dan Gilbert’s Sour Grapes? Apparently David Stern is. But that whine wine sure has nixed what apparently many believe to be a very good deal for a soon to be rebuilt New Orleans Hornets. A missed opportunity to pull off a Nuggets Heist redux replete with viable returning talent in Kevin Martin, Luis Scola Goran Dragic, coupled with the multi talented Lamar Odom and a first rounder (the Knicks 2012 by the way) to boot. According to some writers and pundits, the League owned Hornets just may have saved the Lakers from themselves (they would have Lost Paul Gasol and Odom in the process) while snuffing out the best chance the Hornets might have gotten at a good return for Free Agent to be Chris Paul. And in other news, Dwight is ‘reported’ to be ready to force his hand to get shipped off to the ‘Jersey wrong Brooklyn heady,’ Nets. That is if the Nets can shake possible tampering charges. Don’t you love those Russian, Black marketeers?

Can it get worse for a league that thought it had structured in a squeeze play on Superstars – through a system of compromised and limited sign and trade and extend and trade options? Two more stars ready to go to Major Markets. Neither of the two are apparently heading to Two Penn Plaza. Can it get any worse for the Knicks frustrated attempts to land Chris Paul for their own triumvirate of Stars to match that of the Heat? Can Nets owner Mikhail Prokorov add insult to the Knicks frustration by landing Superstar Dwight Howard after having had forced the Knicks to empty their cupboard in a game of Melodrama Poker? I sure hate this Major Market star migration, unless it’s of course to our beloved Knicks. Super size us with some Tyson Chandler. For now.