Takes Three Walsh Years But Knicks Finally Make Playoffs. Yeah Baby!!!

Don’t Lie.  Yesterday was National Lie Day, not today.  So Let’s tell it like it is.

It feels great to have your favorite team in the playoffs, playing some extra ball, for the first time in seven years, when Isiah Thomas was a fledgling not floundering Knicks executive.  It is absolutely energizing to know that your fave team has a chance to make some noise, other than the sound of roaches racing and mops clanking against metal pails in vacated locker rooms, in the post-season.  The Knicks finally beat the Cavaliers, 123 -107, and jumped into the playoffs when the Bobcats were bounced by the Wizards 97-91.  Joy.  No, “Serious Joy.”

Still, while it is a feel good moment, we all know that this is the exact same spot we could have been in when Mike D’Antoni had this team running and passing early in his first season right before the Knicks panicked and dumped Jamal Crawford and Zach Randolph instead of building their value and creating a team for LeBron to appreciate.  Heck, it is the exact same position we should have been in in April 2007, when Stephon Marbury cried like a kid because he knew the Knicks playoff hopes went poof the day Jamal Crawford revealed he was out for the season with an injury.   In other words, we finally put ourselves in the position to be a minimal impact low seed threat to a championship contender.   We were supposed to be a championship contender by now — perhaps the Anthony trade will get us there, but it’s not likely to be this season — which is why so many folks kept saying we should be patient during the past two dismal basketball seasons.

Well, we have our reward.  It feels pretty good, but it doesn’t look as good as it supposed to.  So who will be the fall guy for this team’s obvious failings and shortcomings? Maybe it’s still Isiah’s fault because that “Smell of Zeke” is still in the nose of some; or maybe it’s Mike D’Antoni’s, he whose coaching record was sacrificed at the altar of the Salary Cap Gods and scripted on the set of the  sci-fi horror movie, “The No-Defense Zone.”  Or was it Donnie Walsh, who was compelled or forced (credit and blame regarding the Anthony trade to be dispensed depending on how this story plays out) to revamp this team one extra time in order to get at least two superstars to make us a championship contender some time in this decade.

Just keeping it real. Let’ Go Knicks.  Let’s Be Ready For Some Spring Heat.