The Battle of Sources: Is the Chris Paul To Knicks Deal Dead?

Chris Paul as a Knick

For me the LeDecision did not have an impact like this.  Toe curling anxiety.  Media itches so bad that I check ESPN and Hoopshype every 30 minutes for some new news and rumors.  LeBron coming to New York made no sense to me for so many reasons, some of which came from LeBron and others related to the questionable management of the Knicks for two years as they gutted the team to attract him.  No inside sources confirmed it.  It simply made sense given everything he said about wanting to go directly to a winner.

The Chris Paul saga is different.  This morning, nervous about where Chris Paul would go after one of our most reliable Fanatics via a very reliable source divulged the details of an agreement that has the point guard in a Knick uni by Monday, I ran to the news feed as soon as I woke up wanting to know whether we were right or wrong.  As I looked at the press clippings on the net, I was buoyed by the last report we received from our source which was that the Knicks were working out the details which would involve a third team.  According to Peaceman, who detailed the Melo trade for us via his sources nearly three months in advance, there are two teams working to fill the roll as a third team.  But as I look at the news this morning, I get slapped in the ear drums by an early report from Marc Berman in the New York Post which says the Knicks trade talks are dead according to his source.  According to Berman’s source, it’s over for the Knicks but Chris Paul will be traded in the next few days.

 According to Al Iannazzone of the Bergen Record, we could die if we hold our breath waiting for Paul to become a Knick.  His source, a western conference executive, opined that he didn’t “think” the Knicks had the assets to make the trade.

According to ESPN, Paul will not be traded by Friday (we said that already) and all Paul talks have cooled.  Chris Broussard contradicts himself by telling viewers to throw the Knicks out of the mix and insists that Paul can only get to his preferred destination by free agency, unless there is a last minute trade because the Hornets can’t find a better deal. He also opines that the Knicks do not have enough to bring in a third team. 

Like darn, who is right?

I’m betting on Peaceman’s source.  In part because I want him to be right, but mostly because his source has not been wrong, yet.  Since, we published the certainty of Paul being traded, (others had good speculative pieces on it before us)  we’ve been bombarded with an avalanche of stories and rumors of Paul’s eventual landing place.  At different times reporters have had Paul definitely going to the Clippers, Warriors or Lakers.  Now according to the press, the last team standing is the Lakers. Still no report on any details of the talks between the Knicks and the Hornets or the involvement of a third team.  Only reports that we are out of the running. 

I’m betting the Knicks are not dead yet!

Why? Common sense.  Admittedly sometimes in the NBA (like the labor lockout) common sense takes a long time to play a part in team decision making, however, if the Lakers are the only players left in the game and as revealed, the Clippers and Warriors were never really in the game, then the Hornets never really had any leverage to extract the best deal possible for LA.  The Hornets must part with Paul now — the NBA owned franchise cannot afford to lose Paul and come away empty handed.  Maybe the Lakers will win the sweepstakes, but this does not sound like it fits in the general managing philosophy of the Lakers.  Chris Paul, as his friend Stephon Curry (who was not worried about being traded) said, wants to be in New York.  Everybody knows that Paul wants to end up in New York. CAA knows that there are ways to make that happen.  Will Stern, who rarely plays obvious favorites with the Knicks, help make it a little easier to happen.  Paul to NY would surely help the owners (and ESPN) make back some of that loot they just lost a lot faster.

I’m betting on Paul to the Knicks! And doing it through free agency will not cut it.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll spend a dollar on the New York lottery too while I’m at it.  LGK. 

(By the way, welcome to all the new visitors.  None of us expected to attract this much attention.  We hope and believe that our “truth” will win out, but you know that things happen and change in transactions daily.  However, we are believers.)