The Bigger, Smarter more Defensive Oriented Teams Win the Whole Shabamm!

[Editor’s note: another fine read from the resident Enforcer T’Man a/k/a “The Minister of Defense” or “Mr. T!” This one comes replete with a 12 game table of the Knicks. The table includes the Assist to Turnover Margin as well. Enjoy!]

There is a reason the Lakers have won besides Kobe.They are the biggest mofos to walk in the valley. Personally I would rather rebound the shyte out of other teams than block a few shots, less attempts less points. A blocked shot works on the psyhic level, a rebound is a possible -2 for you and +2 for me.


Think pro. The Flim Flam offense is betting against the house. I will take open shots of a higher value from a greater distance, a more numerous number of times and beat the conventional odds.

Try that in Vegas.

 In the aforementioned sentence notice a more numerous number of times. You can’t score without the ball, plus you need to fire away “a numerous number of times”, seven seconds or less. So if you limit the number of possessions each one becomes more valuable and the pressure to score increases, gulp.

Unless you have a boss who convinces you, “What me worry, just shoot!” circa MAD Magazine.

You can get away with this offense if the other teams don’t want to expend the energy to rebound, D you up and grind you out with their size. In other words it’s not worth the effort in season, but come the playoffs things change. The Knicks are so physically weak they are being beat simply by being outrebounded so forget any playoff noise without a roster change. D’Antoni refuses to see that the only way to fix this thing of his is to play a lot smarter, get a lot better shots and of course play some semblance of D to limit the other team. Another choice is bring Rick Barry out of retirement to take Gallo’s and everyone else’s shots. Great numbers job, what else is new?