Just a little reminder that  History has proven the Knicks can come back from a 2-0 Boston lead. Just winning one game may rid us of “Ewings Curse.”
I’m more fired up than ever and count the hours till Game time Friday! I believe if anyone had reservations about the Melo trade, they NOW should be put to rest.

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Playoffs Game Log

New York Knicks 1990 Playoffs Game Log.

Here you have all the games played by the Knicks in the 1989-1990 NBA playoffs, with date, opponent, score, record and series status.

New York Knicks 1990 Playoff Game Log.

NBA Eastern Conference First Round

Game Date Opponent Score Series Status Record
1 Apr 26, 1990 @ Boston Celtics L 105 116 Celtics lead 0 1 0 1
2 Apr 28, 1990 @ Boston Celtics L 128 157 Celtics lead 0 2 0 2
3 May 2, 1990 vs. Boston Celtics W 102 99 Celtics lead 1 2 1 2
4 May 4, 1990 vs. Boston Celtics W 135 108 series tied 2 2 2 2
5 May 6, 1990 @ Boston Celtics W 121 114 Knicks win 3 2 3 2

Today I told just about anyone that crossed my path with smiles of the Knicks losing .. to Fuch off.  I was a little down with the thought of both Amare & Billups possibly missing the rest of this series. I came home and after peeking in here, I went to the Knicksblog. I read the lead comment, which is posted below, after a hysterical 10 minute deep belly laugh, I was able to catch my breath and most of my feeling “down” has past!  



breaking news 
billups might be done and u can bring out the broom if he’s done

there are rumors about amare hitting up gay clubs and spots and thats the main reason he’s having back probs, hey whateva he does thats his biz.

Only in New York Fanatics… Only in New York!