The Kat Williams Fiasco (A Devil’s Advocate Perspective)

Some Chicano Activist responded with . . .

Another Chicano Activist added the following

Nope this is not a Basketball themed article. It is a comment on some responses from those of the Chicano Movement and La Raza militants regarding their rip on Kat Williams the comedian for defending himself (and the territorial United States along the way) from a Mexican American in Pheonix Arizona. I promise I’ll get back to writing about Basketball when the lock out ends. But the lack of cognitive dissonance from extremist of the Left and Right boggle me.

I’m going to play Devil’s advocate. So Kat came out w/ a weak joke about Mexicans. Wasn’t funny then some Mexican (Mexican American I suppose) said “Fuck America.” Mind you again, a Mexican American Living in the United States. Then adds to it that “all of this (Arizona and the Southwest, I presume) is still Mexico.” So Kat goes on a pro American retort. You know what. I would have done the same thing.

Historical fact is that the Southwest was Mexico’s at one time and then they lost a war and the Southwest is now part of the United States. What’s that have to do with racism or colonialism. I live in this country. I’m a Peruvian American of Quechua Ancestry (and by that I mean I can name the ethnic community I come from which is Quechua speaking, and that community has traditions that predate the Incas). But the U.S. is were I have grown up and developed part of my identity. Can you undo history? Can you win a war you lost? You can continue to declare it by stating “fuck America” or that “all of this is still Mexico.” Tell me that’s what that Mexican American appeared to be doing.

So Kat comes w/ the current fact that the states of the Southwest are now part of the United States. No longer Mexico’s. That’s a fact. He lost me with the lines about Mexicans working like slaves as landscapers. That was uncalled for. No one should have to work like slaves in this day in age. An apology there should have been made. Not for defending the territorial U.S. Regardless of the perspective one has about undocumented immigration/illegal immigration (what might have you) it should not ever be the reason to pay working people looking to make a living a subhuman, sub living wage. By law it’s not allowed and Employers clearly abuse the status of undocumented/illegal immigrants to that end.

Going forward what does Kat Williams defense of the territoriality of the U.S. have to do with him being infected by the ideology of white supremacy? Defending the territoriality of the U.S. against a Mexican American living in the territorial U.S. saying “FUCK AMERICA” and “THIS IS STILL MEXICO” is being infected by White Supremacy? SERIOUSLY? BLOGGA PUHLEEZE! Step off! It still boggles me that the Far Left, Especially the Chicano Movement/Raza and Open Borders advocates very much like the Ultra Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist continue to demonstrate a lamentable cognitive dissonance between objective and statements (or maybe it belies something that non free thinkers fail to see).

The Ultra right wing Christian Fundamentalist seemingly espouse their closeness to their lord as examples of “God’s good word through the Bible” (mind you the good book tells you to “love your neighbor and that greed is not an ideal value). Those Christian Fundamentalist hypocrites then wish ill on non Christian people and Nations. Saying Bullshyt like “the Japanese deserved the Tsunami,” “The Gulf Coast deserved Katrina,” or that any other non Christian people plagued by strife deserve it b/c they are not Christian and deserve their misery! Deserve their poverty, ad nauseaum. 

Latinos affiliated or associated with La Raza, the Chicano/”a” (what have you) movement and open borders advocates love to espouse how the country is a “Nation of Immigrants,” that they “love America,” that they just wish to “realize the American dream” (funny native born and naturalized Americans are struggling to realize that dream and they’ve gone through the process of trying to realize that dream to the legit channels offered up by the American nation state). They demand to be part of the Nation state (understandably so since Employers are ass holes who exploit a foreigners lack of status) but BUT then on the other hand these same advocates will talk (almost with a tinge of glee) about the imminent demise of the U.S., say “Fuck America,” “this is still Mexico.” Many will talk with excitement of the improving prospects for Latin America and then continue to apparently celebrate in the hardships being faced by everyday Americans regardless of race, creed, skin color, national origin. That to me seems inconsistent.

There should be a cognitive dissonance there. Or at least there should be. But neither the Christian right seems to feel that and I wonder if La Raza, Chicano Movement, Open Borders advocates feel that in their conflicting statements. Maybe not? Maybe Weirdo right wing Christian Fundamentalist (like their jihadist counterparts of the Koran) really want the non christian world to suffer? Maybe La Raza, Chicano Movement, Open Borders activist really only love the United States so long as it can do something for them and wish it’s demise under their breadth if it can’t, all the while being ready and set to move about like mercenaries to the place that can give them what they want?

I am a free thinker non ideologue. Though I am more inclined towards the center left and despise the Rethuglicans and the mockery of democracy that corporations have made through the money greasing and influence peddling of corporate lobbyist that sustain the exclusive privilege social networks that politicians live off of like pariah.

That said unlike the Christian Fundamentalist hypocrites or their far far leftist counterparts of La Raza, the Chicano Movement or Open Borders advocates, I will not wish ill on any nation or people. This world is economically to integrated and fragile now (if a butterfly flutters it’s wings in the south pacific). The success of others is part of our cumulative success the failures of others is part of our collective failures as a society and human race.

I support the Latin American left b/c they provide a better development model IMHO than the sellouts that have traditionally governed Latin America and made it almost unlivable for so many pushed to migrate out for a better life. I support reasonable balanced responsible and genuine democracy. I am an American Original, as genuine as the Potato or Quinua grain. I stand by my defense of the U.S. and the self determination of indigenous people and the development of the developing world. I will do my best to not live as a hypocrite. Oh by the way I know who I am and were I came from and my ethnicity and history the labels, like “self hating,” “confuse,” “racist” etc won’t work on me.