The Knicks still need Size, Talent, Depth, Chemistry and more Experience

[Editors Note: Today we’ve decided to give some limelight to JMattHicks, a new addition to the Fanatics Family and an ardent Spurs fan. But an NBA roundball fan who’s adopted the Knicks as the Eastern Conference team he roots for first and foremost. This is JMatt’s reply to Steady’s proclamation that the Knicks could win a Championship this year against the likes of the Spurs or Lakers if they played like they did two nights before against the Miami Heat.]

“That team, playing as it did last night, can beat San Antonio or the Lakers in a 7 games series[?]”

Is it possible? Sure, anything is possible. The Sixers could in theory beat the Spurs in a 7-game series and the Knicks cold beat the Lakers in a 7-game series, but that won’t happen.

And trust me, I LIKE the Knicks. I WANT them to do well. I used to rock an Allan Houston jersey the day after my David Robinson jersey with PRIDE. As someone born and raised in San Antonio, I am a die-hard Spurs fan, but I’m also fair and objective.

The Knicks don’t have the bench to do so. We can compete head to head Tony Parker against Chauncy Billups. We’ve done it before and beat Billups. Same goes for Amare with Timmy D and Melo with Ginobili. And then we have Richard Jefferson, Gary Neal, DeJuan Blair, and George Hill to worry about. Depth wins championships, not great starting line-ups.

The West, particularly the Spurs and the Lakers and even the Mavericks (as well as the Celtics in the East) are still very, very different beats compared to the Heats and the Magics of the league. They a lethal does have size, talent, depth, chemistry, and experience, something most other teams don’t have, or at least not enough of to compete in 7 games. Although I will say this: the Lakers are not as deep as they have been in years past and that WILL come back to bite them.

As I said earlier, the Knicks are my favorite team from the east ever since Allan Houston started shooting lights-out in MSG in the late 90’s. There’s not one ounce of hate or Spurs bias here, just real talk: to win the Eastern Conference, much less an NBA Championship, the Knicks will need more than just repeat performances like last night to do so.

A truly elite team that can CLOSE a game, like the Spurs, like the Lakers, and like the Celtics (and dare I say the Mavs), would not have allowed that comeback. And trying to win a 7-game series back erasing double-digit leads isn’t a solid strategy. I think the Knicks WILL win their 1st round series. And honestly, I think the Knicks CAN win their 2nd round series. But I don’t think they can take the Eastern Conference with their lack of truly substantial depth.