The Players are on the Knicks side

Dare I say it but it seems to me that the NBA’s Labor/Management standoff – involves undertones that will determine the team building model of Gotham’s Super Team in waiting. As of today, the NBAPA under the leadership of Derek Fisher and Billy Hunter have reiterated their stance not to accept the most recent ownership proposal provided to the players by David Stern. An offer with an ultimatum that goes from a bad offer to a worse offer was rejected by the players. But as has been alluded to by several sources, the NBAPA has sugested a willingness to accept a 50/50 split of basketball related income (the dreaded BRI acronym) in exchange for some concession from NBA ownership on “System Issues.” the Players Association believes these “System Issues” compromises the players free agency options and the option of players to make themselves available to higher spending teams (read Bigger Markets “hey big spenders”).

Gotham’s attempt to revive the Knicks, in the wake of the nuclear fusion of a Super Team in South Beach, would greatly benefit from a CBA resolution more in line with the proposed NBAPA modifications to the most recent CBA proposal. This time out the ability to not only add a third star (hint hint Chris Paul) along with retaining or adding complimentary pieces is critical to New York’s dream of a championship revival. Although in the past the Knicks have been hurt by ambitious player grabs in free agency (see bad MLE and multi year deals dished out to the likes of Jerome James, Jared Jefferies, Eddy Curry and Stephon Marbury) this time out the ambitions of the NBAPA to retain a free agency and mid level system resembling the former system plays straight into Gotham’s hands. However, there exist a possibility that grumpy old small market franchises my nix the ambitions of players and teams like the Knicks by not accepting a redrafted version of Stern’s latest proposal that yields to the NBAPA’s demand for a less restrictive free agency system- amongst other items. Go players go!