Spare the Rod, Spoil that Rooster and Keep that Hen House Clean

Seems like everyone wants to eat the whole cake at that big pimp dinner table?

I must say that as a fan of the Knickerbockers, I’m prone to emotional outbursts and tirades. Players grow on me as I watch them rise and develop.  Like for Knicks’ head coach Mike D’Antoni some become my favorites.

Yesterday, when I heard on ESPN NY 1050 that the Knicks had made a trade offer to the Denver Nuggets that included Wilson Chandler, Landry fields, Eddy Curry’s (Expiring Contract) and a 1st round draft pick, I immediately thought why?

Why would the Knicks offer to trade away the Knicks’ two-time rookie of the month? Why would they offer up the team’s obvious glue guy, who in his first year in the league, has been a big reason for the seamless transition the Knicks have made toward playoff contention.

Why would the Knicks also offer to trade away apparently rising star, Wilson Chandler? A home-grown Knickerbocker who is having his best year with the Knicks; a player whose increased offensive production and ability to guard multiple positions is surely valued by head coach Mike D’Antoni. Why would they offer arguably the team’s highest flying and most electrifying player? The thrilling Chandler whose high elevation and thunderous dunks on the fast break, as a wing, are capable of bringing down the house.

My initial reaction was emotional. But it turns out upon some sobering reflection that the Old Shark may indeed be in charge of this one and right on point.

My initial reaction was, here it goes it again more pro Danilo Gallinari Favoritism. The favoritism that former Knickerbocker and current Nugget, Al Harrington alluded to when his Nuggets hosted the Knicks at the end of the Bockers early season losing streak. The favoritism Harrington observed purportedly resulted in lockeroom tension amongst other Knicks on the roster. A tension which Harrington claims was thrust upon Gallo despite the Rooster’s easy-going,  humble and team first demeanor. A tension which Harrinton claims not to take ill will with despite the preference he saw thrust upon Gallo. The specter of Gallo’s preferential treatment was the first impression that came to mind when I heard of the recent Knicks to Nuggets trade proposal.

Am I wrong? Perhaps . . . and if so I’m cool with admitting it.

Some reflection into the possible reasoning for Walsh’s first volley at a Knicks/Nuggets deal for Carmelo Anthony suggest that the Old Shark may indeed be playing his cards correctly and keeping in tune with the formula that has brought the Knicks into playoff contention this year.

I’m suspecting that part of the reasoning as to why the Knicks may want to retain Gallinari (rather than Fields or Chandler) is related to Walsh’s preference for maintaining cap space flexibility. Aside from possibly just being a favorite god son of Knicks head coach, the Old Shark may want a player on a longer scaled minimum salary. Neither Fields (restricted free agent in 2012) nor Chandler (restricted free agent in 2011) provide that. Such an arrangement affords the Knicks a chance at flexibility in later free agents streams for the Old Sharks machinations and row of teeth.

It’s possible that amongst the three wings currently within their rookie scale contracts, Gallinari’s contract is the most pleasing to the Knicks. The question of which of the three will emerge to fulfill their full potential or blossom to their apex is still debatable at this moment, despite Chandler’s strong showing this year and Fields’ impressive rookie year. To that end with a stable of solid yet still promising and developing question marks it may be prudent to Walsh’s eyes to sacrifice two thirds of his promising stable of wings (2s/3s) for a proven superstar  scorer in Melo, less prone to slumps than any wing currently in the Knicks stable.

Perhaps for the same reasoning the Nuggets may want Gallo if they consider the mixture of friendly rookie scale contract and that he is percieved to not have yet reached or maximized his potential. The Nuggets are purportedly interested in the Knicks under proven SF/PF Anthony Randolph and part of that reason may also be the balance between potential and the cap space flexibility Randolph’s rookie scale contract would provide the Nuggets. Perception in these parts is that it may happen under a coach who plays the rooster more to his strength as a slasher/scorer not as a mere stand up jump shooter where many fans believe he has been miscast.

So folks let’s spare the Rod and spoil that rooster if it keeps the Knicks salary cap hen house in order!