Twitter “News” on the Melo front Minny, Denver and New York discussing Multi Team Trade

This one comes from ESPN’s, Chris Brousard via his twitter account:

Knicks, Nuggets, Twolves discussing 3-team trade. Melo to NYK; Chandler, Corey Brewer, Minny 1st rnd pick to Den; ECurry, ARandolph to Minny

That trade as it is now constituted would work under the rules of the current salary cap. Though, you would think if your the Nuggets you’d angle for one of the Knicks first round picks and in addition also ask for Williams if they can’t get Walsh to budge on Fields or Gallinari. The trade makes sense for the Knicks by allowing them to keep most of their core but the Nuggets would inherit the pending restricted free agency of Wilson Chandler. This is his option year so they do have his rights to extend him the full max salary allowable under the current CBA (correct me if I’m wrong). But is Chandler a max player? He’s good. Improved but not a max money type player. Denver would inherit the Knicks conundrum with Chandler. Does anyone think the Nuggets really want that?

You would also have to consider that since various reports have indicated that Masai Ujiri’s angling for multiple round draft picks was for the purposes of rebuilding the Nuggets via his scouting strengths. Compromising the Nuggets roster with a very good but Non Max Salary worthy player would cut against Ujiri’s plan to rebuild the Nuggets. Remember that cap space and draft picks that become players on favorable rookie scale contracts are the objectives of a solid rebuilding program. I’m not sold on the tweet being the end product of any discussions between the Knicks, Denver and any other third of fourth party team. I will say that if such a scenario works out Walsh should get more consideration for executive of the year.

Oh by the way, Peaceman’s twin . . . I mean James Dolan is pushing Walsh to get a deal done for Melo before the trade deadline. Is this why the conract extension is hovering unsigned by Dolan? A sword of Damocles if he doesn’t get the deal done at all hasted and possibly at all cost if free agency is also an option given Melo’s desire to join a well rounded Knicks team possibly on the rise?

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