Twitter Tuesday Vol. III

It’s Tuesday, so let’s discover what’s happening on Twitter. Wilson Chandler and Raymond Felton have been scrutunized more then any other Knicks over the course of their losing streak so I began with Tweets related to them. Here we go……

 SuperVILLAIN_J: #knicks wilson chandler woke up, amare is being amare, gallo on fire, sean williams doing what he do = 6 game streak over!

 Always nice to get a win and snap a losing streak even if it is against a lesser opponent. Wilson Chandler was a hot topic on twitter. Most folks were happy to see him break out of his slump but others wondered about his lack of emotion.

houseruthbuilt: Has Wilson Chandler ever smiled?

Rarely, but he has. Will is usually cool as a fan even with trade rumors and a search for a new agent lingering in the background.

 LoveThoseKnicks: Knicks desperately needed this win. Good to see Chandler come out of his funk and Felton looking to pass a little more.

 I second that emotion.

 kellogs109: Went to a knicks game. Now its time to figure out how to make jason gallinari my new boyfriend…

Oh boy! This tweet reminded me of this Onion Sports Dome segment that aired a few weeks ago. If you haven’t seen this show yet definitely check it out on Tuesday’s at 10:30 pm ET on Comedy Central.

 ballark: RT @EricCarvin: Knicks legend Walt Frazier on why he’s not interested in Facebook or Twitter: “I don’t even want to keep up with myself!”

 Somebody please tell Clyde that he’s missing out and he can follow me on twitter