Twitter Tuesday Volume II

The Knicks have almost eclipsed last year’s win total before the All-Star Break. Their success has not only created a buzz throughout the city but also the rest of the NBA nation. With so much to talk about it’s no wonder that twitter is a hotbed for discussion about our beloved New York Knicks. Here’s some of the tweets I picked out throughout the week.

mtmksm: Knicks horrible on fast breaks tonight. Coming away with no points on 3 on 1’s and 4 on 1’s. Need Stat to get going

This was early on in the Lakers game after Raymond Felton lobbed up a failed alley oop attempt instead of dishing for an easy layup on a 3 on 1 break. Turns out that this was a hint of things to come. Felton struggled mightily the entire night. Certainly faulty fast breaks were not the deciding factor but it didn’t help.

SteveP_201: Come on #KNICKS play like the #Jets

By that I can only assume that you want the Knicks to make it to the playoffs, claim that next year is their year, hire a boisterous coach with a foot fetish and lose to a team from Boston in this year’s playoffs? Speaking of Fetishes…..look who was at the game Sunday night.

That’s right! Ms Lindsay Lohan was there repping New York. In spite of Kobe’s efforts to sway her allegiance, the Long Islander stayed true to Orange and Blue.

@lindsaylohan: Kobe sent me #lakers hats coz I’m wearing Knicks– I’m from NY!!! Gotta stay loyal!

JJBuffone: I hope this Melo to NJ trade goes soon so I don’t have to hold off purchasing a Landry Fields t-shirt any longer #knicks

Yes I agree wholeheartedly. I wanted to get my little brother a jersey for Christmas but I was afraid the Knicks would do something foolish, rendering his jersey about as worthless as a Tracey McGrady Replica.

@alanhahn: Watching Wilson Chandler and Landry Fields here, you can totally see why Denver would rather have Anthony Morrow and Derrick Favors.

A nice touch of sarcasm from the Knicks beat writer. This Carmelo Anthony talk is reaching a fever pitch. I don’t have the energy, nor the interest to keep up. Love the one you’re with ladies and germs.

Inesmakeup: 1st Half Action : Lakers 52 – Knicks 47 !!!! OH OUIIII !!! C’est serreeeer de feuuu !!! #sachezle… Lakerssss goooo babyyyyyyyyyy !! #tavu

No reason to feature this other than the fact that she was attractive and writing in French. Oui Oui indeed!

myron_dunny: I hope melo go to new york imma be a knicks fan

No, really, stay where you are. The bandwagon is full.

@notwaltfrazier: #Knicks are racin’ and pacin’ with the champs. Zonin’ and dethronin’!

You sir, are fakin’ the funk on a nasty dunk. Leave the awful rhymes to Clyde.

Bellezzaveraa: Watching the game with mommy, Fields is kinda cute #knicks

This kid is a lady killer.