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TwitterIf you’re not on Twitter you are missing out. Nevertheless, if you remain resistant I will bring some of the best Knicks centric posts to you every Tuesday. Don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter as well. @aaronhodges or @knicksradioah 


NewsCut:  If I’m Kahn, I call the Knicks and say, OK, you can have Ridnour.” Do it before SportsCenter starts. #twolves.


With rumors circulating about a possible Anthony Randolph for Luke Ridnour trade, this guy thinks the Wolves would definitely get the better of that deal.

MDWDFW: Watching @30for30 on Reggie/Knicks. #LeBron would’ve never made it in that era. The league misses legit tough guys like Oakley and D.Davis.


We all miss Oakley but what’s your basis for saying LeBron wouldn’t have made it? Have you not seen the guy? He’s probably bigger then Oakley was in his day. I’m sure he would have managed, although I can’t deny that the game has changed to favor the finesse player over the player that could impose his will.


AmazingJayce: Not trying to play a month without Gallo, but maybe some other Knicks can step up and earn some minutes


According to Marc Berman of the NY Post: Coach Mike D’Antoni said he’ll start Ronny Turiaf against San Antonio on Tuesday at the Garden in his stead.

Turiaf will start at center, allowing Amar’e Stoudemire to move back to his regular position at power forward, with Wilson Chandler sliding to small forward.

: Amare Stoudamire is playing hoops in my gym!!! Sorry, wait. It’s just some dude wearing a full Knicks uniform to play 3 on 3.


I am 28 years old and I wonder sometimes if I’m too old to be rocking a jersey. The only exception would be if I were going to a game. Wearing a full uniform for a pickup game borders on ridiculous. Maybe ten years from now he’ll be taking the J train to “The Garden.”

Mr_RozayyyToYou: if the knicks can beat the spurs tomorrow, thats a true statement that they`re a diff team compared to past seasons.


Maybe you’re a little bit caught up in the day to day 24 hour news cycle. The Knicks have already proven that they’re not like the teams from the past. That’s not saying much. If they beat the Spurs it would be a big win but it won’t be an indication of what kind of team they are. The Knicks as I see them are a better than decent team that’s building towards something special, but they are far from elite. That distinction belongs to only a handful of teams. A victory over the Spurs doesn’t take away the losses to Miami, Boston, and Orlando does it?