Wacky Wednesday Vol II

   The Timberwolves Bring a Whole New Take to their “T-Wolves” Nickname

Is it just me or have we seen a trend of NBA Referees reverting back to Preseason levels of patience when it comes to doling out Technical Fouls? I guess the players we’re getting a little too comfortable, assuming that the refs would settle into their normal levels of tolerance and not the NBA mandated threshold.  The T-Wolves were hit with a series of Technical Fouls the other night while battling the San Antonio Spurs. Watch this despicable display of dick swinging.        



Ted Williams is Not a Baseball Player – He’s Entering Rehab

That homeless guy with the “Golden Voice” told Dr. Phil during a taping of his show that he has not been sober for two years as he had previously claimed, and he will be entering rehab following an altercation with his daughter that lead to him getting arrested. It was a feel good story that made everybody feel great about helping one homeless person. Now there is no reason to discuss the plight of the homeless in the United States ever again. Hopefully this one has a happy ending, but I’m betting that he will never earn as many honors as this Ted Williams. Also, I’m pretty sure homeless Teddy gave birth to this kid.