War: Funk Wednesday Dedicated To NBA v. NBPA


We can see this as a funky season or the season of funk or perhaps both.  The sexual tales and travails of Humpin’ Herman Cain, the anti-intellectual implosion of “Not-so-Slick Rick” Perry and the public humpin’ of the public by the Gingrich who stole his Christmas from Freddie Mac and Mae’s fannie suggests that the return of funk, with all its nuance and multiple meanings, is just right for this time and this season.  And let’s not forget the funky world economy (how can we?), but what was really funked up for b-ball fans was the battle between the NBA and NBPA that resulted in a delayed and truncated season of 66, a funky number, even funkier if you add another 6 (666 — the devil is in the CBA details I hear. Let’s get this party started right, NOW).

Old heads know though, that the funk can be flipped as quickly as the end of the CBA battle and it can be something good and make you feel good.  So this season, while the Knicks are funking their way to the championship, we will funk our way to the top with some of the best funk videos ever.  So on those funky (Wacky? anyone) Wednesdays and Funky Fanatic Fridays watch out for some of my favorite sounds to get us over the humps (that is not a nod to the woman Raising Cain to old lows).  Today we give a nod to the end of the NBA/NBPA war.  Enjoy.