(Williams v. Williams) v. NBA League Office (Original Video) Updated

Update: Shawne Williams was suspended one game for throwing a punch and Marvin Williams was suspended for two games for throwing more than one punch and “fighting.”

Williams v. Williams. This was not a family feud (unless they are related and don’t know it) but it sure looked like a soft scuffle between siblings.   Shawne Williams probably thinks its a good thing that Daddy NBA has videotape when it metes out the punishment to these fighting cousins.

Some may say that Shawne Williams simply attracts bad things and others would agree that he has earned his spot in the Knicks’ short rotation.  No matter what you think, you must agree that Williams has earned his spot in Knicks boxing lore right along side the “Melo hit and run” and the “Van Gundy Leg Wrestle.”  He has also gained the attention of the NBA’s front office which frowns upon throwing wayward punches.  Shawne says that those were not punches he threw, those were defensive blocks to protect himself from the wild swings of his namesake, Marvin.   Shawne said,  “I was protecting myself. Coming across half-court, he bumped me, I bumped him and he mushed me in the back of the head. I wasn’t going to fight him. I wanted to let him know I wasn’t backing down. For him to swing at me, that’s a different. I feel I didn’t swing back and restrained myself.”

This original video seems to corroborate Shawne’s interpretation after he was whacked from the back by Marvin.  What do you think?  What do you think the NBA will do to Shawne who just took on a bigger role in the rotation?