New York Knicks Center Tyson Chandler, Far Left, Greets

Recently Barron Davis told Steve Serby of the NY Post that the next Banner raised in the garden would be the 2011-12 New York Knicks! It also has been reported that BD, JR Smith, Shumpert, Jeffries and Novak have been THUMPPING the starters of the Knicks daily in the past week pracitices! Against the Cav’s the Davis -led second team took and expanded the lead for New York in the late third quater.

Steve Novak buried three-ball after three-ball as Davis ponit guard skills were flourishing, allowing the Knicks to turn a 17-point deficit into a 13-point lead before Davis left the court with five minutes to go in the game. His final stat line was four points, eight assists, two rebounds and a steal in 15 minutes of play. On top of that, he led a second team that absolutely dominated defensively. Again, that is exactly what the Knicks need. 

While the Post, Daily News and other tabloids will try to disrupt what Barron Davis brings to the team, note that the next time we play the Heat , Barron will be on a mission to send the Heat a message! We are not the knicks of the past 10 years. We are deep enough to roll through you and everyone in our way!