New York Knicks v Miami Heat
 Exposing you was my pleasure said Lebron.

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Anyone that has ever grown up in the hood and is now raising kids in the suburbs feels the pain of Jeremy Lin this morning. We all understood what Lin was going to run into last night even before he arrived in Miami. We’ve all experienced the same thing with our kids when we wanted to see just how good they really were. Remember the day when you said to yourself, “My kid is the best player in the league and looks like a complete stud but I just don’t know bruh!” So you had to put him in the ride and take the inevitable drive. You took him straight to the ghetto where all the real ball player’s were and he learned that he was good but not as good as advertised. 

The rock star known as Linsanity learned a valuable lesson in South Beach on Thursday night. He learned that he still has some work to do before he becomes as good as advertised in the NBA. Don’t hate on him though because he’s still legit but he’s got mad work to do to become one of the elite point guards in the league and New York learned that just by having talent isn’t going to get it done. 

Winning championships takes more than just talent. It takes team chemistry more than anything else. Not only does Miami have the most athletic and talented team in the league but at this point they’ve got the best team chemistry as well. It’s hard to match up against that bruh! I don’t care who you are. Even if you’re the legend they call Linsanity.

The Heat were simply too much for the Knicks blasting them 102-88 in route to their eighth straight win all by at least 12 points. Miami now has the best record in the league at 27-7. The Big Three were however, as good as advertised on South Beach by putting up big numbers; Chris Bosh scored 25 points, Dwyane Wade added 22 and LeBron James finished with 20 points, nine rebounds and eight assists for Miami. 

Simply put bruh, there was nothing Jeremy Lin could do to stop the on slaught. Not only did Miami show up on offense but their defense was ridiculous all night long. Lin has been averaging 6 turnovers a night but against the Heat he turned it over 6 times in the first half. It’s not a knock on him he just played against the absolute best team in the league that happens to play defense bruh. 

He was 1-11 from the field, eight points, three assists when he’s been averaging 23.9 points and 9.2 assists over his first 11 games. Hey, it is what it is! Remember after your kid played his first game in the ghetto and he sat in the back seat crying because he’d never been handled like that before? You felt bad for putting him through that but it was necessary for his growth and development not only as a basketball player but as a person. He learned that the level of competition determines how good you are not the just the numbers you put up. 

He had to play against the very best in order to understand what it takes to become one of the best. That’s what Jeremy Lin experienced last night. Everyone keeps talking about the 38 points he put up against the Lakers but they were a middle of the road team. Most importantly, he wasn’t matched up against Kobe all night either. I know ya’ll saw Mario Chalmers in his ear every time he ripped him. If Mario grew up anywhere near where I grew up he was saying something like, “Bruh, I went to Kansas and you went to Harvard! I was born take the rock from you!” That can be devastating when they were taking it as effortlessly as Chalmers and Co. were.

Now that Lin has been baptized by the best team in the league and he’s got a few days off to think about it he’ll be alright. New York fans don’t trip! You’ve got a got team but chemistry isn’t on your side right now. Once that catches up to your talent just like it did for the Heat this year you’ll be ready to roll. Just be satisfied with beating the mediocre teams in the league and surprising one or two of the better ones at this point. Just don’t expect to show up in the ghetto and win just yet bruh!

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