Believe in Carmelo

“We should have kept Gallo”

“He’s selfish”

“He’s inefficient”

“He’s overpayed”

“Trade him away!”

It’s time for the criticisms to stop.

On Easter Sunday, Carmelo K. Anthony showed us exactly why we brought him back to the city of his birth: Because this is what he does. This is who he really is.

What Melo did yesterday was special. It’s not the first time he’s done it, and it certainly won’t be the last. In fact, these next two weeks and these last few games are his type of stage to do it once again.

It’s time to get behind Melo now, because without Amar’e, and without Jeremy Lin, he’s going to be the man to take us to the playoffs, and maybe even beyond.

Melo won’t be alone in his efforts, though. We know that by now. The defence and energy from Chandler and Shumpert will be just as important, as will the three-point shooting of Novak and the play from B-Diddy running the point.

It’s a genuine team effort, but sometimes you just need that star to shine, that leader to step up, that guy to take the big shot. Carmelo Anthony is that guy.

It was really a horrible feeling when it was announced that Lin and Stoudemire would miss likely the remainder of the regular season and probably more, but last night was proof that there’s hope.

This week it’s time to really show what we can do. Games against the Bulls, Heat and Bucks within the next seven days will show us how good we can really be without two of our superstars, and, arguably more importantly, they’ll help establsih our playoff seeding. It will make a world of difference to take on the Pacers rather than the Heat or Bulls.

Let’s go Knicks!