Adrian Wojnarowski writes that “when the ball leaves your hands for Jeffries, what he does with it is your responsibility. That’s how it works,” and this is true, that is totally how it works. This was somewhat repeated by Knicks fanatics “Lives” during a Live Blog last night in which Lives stated ” Consider Jeffries “Never Open!” Although our Chief blogger meant it jokingly… the reality is it’s so true it hurts!

The front office knew the offense was in trouble even before the season started. On December 15, 2011, Knicks forward Melo STATED it simply: “We need shooters.” Add psychic powers to his set of skills, because Anthony saw this coming.  MELO needs to pass the ball? Um..yes, but to WHOM? The Knicks are currently the second-worst shooting team in the NBA. They are hitting just 41.4% of their shots. Take Chandler and his high percentage dunks out of the equation, and the Knicks are the worst shooting team in the league….. FACT! Iman Shumpert is shooting 36% from the floor, pass it Melo! Toney Douglas is shooting a whooping 32% from the floor, pass it Melo! Opposing teams have noticed. They are defending the paint and letting  other  Knicks shoot from the outside. They are not respecting the Knicks’ outside shooting right now, nor should they, however, PASS IT MELO!

Low point noted on last nights Live Blog vs the Bulls… ” JORTS WILL BE BACK IN 4 WEEKS AND WILL HELP.” Really? Mike Dantoni is a terrible Coach, no argument there, however, our front office has put him in a position that hypothetically would be similar to praising the Bulls coach for his known defense ..then giving him three “Jamal Crawford’s” as starters to beef up his strategy! I am not a Mike Dantoni supporter.. but WTF?? Is this festering wound in our lack of shooting all his fault? 

One good note. MELO has made the Eastern Conference All Star team as a starter at SF. The last Knick to do that at SF was ????? Some reading this were not born yet! Perhaps there is a universe in which this is Carmelo Anthony’s fault. But it is not this one. Maybe Bizzaro universe!