Below is a re-post of what Delshay wrote on March, 3, 2012. Delshay either reads the future or was it  just a coincidence?
It may be noted that I was never in favor of the hype surrounding Lin, but I never wished for Linsanity to end like this.
Godspeed on healing Jeremy. You are a Knick and we Love you!

“One last issue I have with Lin pertains to his minutes and how he attacks the rim and draws contact.  In San Antonio, Coach Popovich has always kept Manu Ginobili’s minutes around 30 per game in effort to keep the Argentine pinball healthy.

Lin plays with a Ginobili-like reckless abandon and, if he’s going to hold up physically, Coach D’Antoni can’t keep playing him close to 40 minutes every night.  Lin will need to learn to pace himself and pick his spots.

He has already taken a bunch of brutal hits; at this rate, he’s bound to have an injury any day now.” * Delshay