Funky Fanatics Friday: Knicks, “You Dropped A Bomb On Me” (f/t The Gap Band)




‘Nuff Said?
Probably not.
Check out what three of our Fanatics, Post Up Prince, Tman and Steady, have to say about the current situation.

Post Up Prince

At this point in the season, I am disappointed in Tyson Chandler. He does not rebound as well as he should for a 7 ft. center and has no post game. Unless he gets the ball on the move toward the basket or on an ally oop play, he is not a scoring threat. On defense he often leaves his man in an effort to block shots, but is thereafter out of position to either (1) defend the man he left [no one else on the Knicks slides over to cover] or (2) rebound the ball. The result is that the Knicks get out-rebounded in virtually every game. The failure to box-out on defense is inexcusable and the blame rests on the coaching for failure to stress this fundamental element of the game.

Perhaps Chandler would do better with a more talented point guard, but once Baron Davis takes the floor and we see no improvement from Tyson, the Knicks should seriously consider trading Chandler for either Dwight Howard or Kevin Love, both of whom want out of their current locations and should be available by the trade deadline.


To paraphrase a remark a GM made when Chandler was signed, “I don’t think he can block 55 shots a game, he’s going to need to.” It’s not that signing Chandler was a mistake, its that it is one of many mistakes.Paid way too much for him.Now we are reduced from cap space to praying an injury prone, older former star can regain some semblance of all pro aura change his game and rescue us from oblivion.What are the chances?I like a good comeback story as well as the next guy.Point is this all went wrong at a certain point.N’D had a running, passing team he liked led by Ray-Ray Felton, a tough little dude with limitations.Then LeBro dissed us, as was his right.

That’s where the story goes awry.Dolan the Dim with the assistance of a little birdy in his ear went away from professorial management and started us down the road to ruin.The story has its twists and turns to get us to where we are now, but here we are, dispirited, confused, undermanned and still completely unaware of why we’re here.We’re here because Dolan, like Steinbrenner before him, needs to get out of the way of his own success.He almost did it when Der Stern forced Walsh on him, but he couldn’t stay away.We’re here because Dolan doesn’t want to eat D’Ant’s contract so no one is really listening to either the outgoing coach, or the possibly incoming one


Clearly this team was not built for this coach. The one brought in to assist is not the one eITher and that had to have been made abundantly clear when he came. Because noone likes to pay people not to work and spill dirty ink on your parkay floor, Fanatics will have to just SUCK IT like the team is going to do. Yes, BD is the answer but that script is not ready for stage or PT yet. BE PATIENT.

[]’Amphony is coaching like the angry Black man in the mailroom down in the basement. For offenses caused onto Steph (a JDolan mandate) and ESitty, further evidence that “God hath not liketh ugliness.”

Paul Westphal was fired because he broke the cardinal rule: thou shall not puncheth the gift horse and main draw in the mouth. He overplayed his hand without the backing of his GM, President or owner. Whether he was right or wrong or the Hip Hop generation of spoiled prima dona Alpha Male uncoachable kids prevailing is not the point here. There’s always a protocol and once again: “God hath not liketh ugliness.”

Stay tuned for more ugliness Fanatics come what, May.