Knicks guard Jeremy Lin accepts the...

The pursuit of Steve Nash did show that the Knicks have big doubts about Lin’s ability to guide them in the short term with the win-now cast of characters in place. 
25 million for a future D-league off the bench PG is absurd. Yell, Cry, stomp your feet but LIN is History in the archives of the New York Knicks. They will not match Houston’s offer despite the MSM deceptive hyperbole that the Knicks will match the Rocket’s offer. I understand that Linsanity was a fun craze for a couple of weeks but the bottom line is this—Nobody ( even Lin fanboys) knows that to expect from Jeremy Lin.  As the Knicks cap stands now we will be 17 Million over the Luxury tax in year three of his contract. With the new SUPER TAX imposed in Lin’s third year, he would cost the Knicks 42 MILLION in luxury tax alone. No way that goes down while Amare and Melo are in their prime and CP3 is making it known to the world he wants to take on the Heat with Melo and Amare. In the 27 games that Lin played 20 minutes or more (pretty much the entirety of the Linsansity period), 13 of them were against playoff teams, playing the 76ersPacers and Mavericks twice each. He played 10 playoff teams in 27 games this season. He played well when he was the focal point of a Mike D’Antoni offensive system that saw Steve Nash win the MVP twice. The system is designed to have the point guard be the best player on the floor. Dantoni is gone as Lin will surely be. BTW..Knickknack is 
a TROLL that frequents this blog. Ignore him. We all know him as “Mark” or Mitch “the Grill” who is harmless. I am now officially a fan of EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND! Bring on FELTON. I promise not to use the term “Feltoff.”