It’s Time for the Stars to Step Up

We are only one game into the NBA plyaoffs, and after all they did in April, the Knicks are back to their old ways.

For a team that pays so much to three star players, they need to step up if we’re going to win this first round series. Going for a combined 20 points is not acceptable.

I know Tyson Chandler is suffering from the flu right now, but we need his defense right now, not in a game or two’s time.

And Stoudemire, even coming so recently off an injury, needs to do a lot more than he did last time round. At first he looked aggressive, getting into Haslem’s grill and looking like a 90’s Knickerbocker when this rivalry was at it’s best, but he needs to do that for the full 48 minutes (or however many he plays).

Of all these stars, though, this is Carmelo Anthony’s stage right here and right now.

He’s the guy who’s completely healthy and who should still be hot after coming off one of the best months of his career.

He’s the guy whose direct match-up outscored the entire starting line-up.

He’s the guy who we were told would clash with LeBron in a rivalry for the ages.

If Carmelo Anthony is a superstar – and I believe he is – he needs to step up tonight and grab this series by the horns.

We cannot go back to New York 2-0 down.