Jeremy Lin Brings Back The Love In Knicks B-Ball

Do u believe what you’re seeing? I haven’t been so happy in years. It’s like my best friend had a new baby son and I’m an uncle. Uncle Tman….Yippeee!

Jeremy can play. He can really play! Wait a minute now, don’t f–k this up D—-n! No uber thinking from you and Zeke. Don’t you dare trade this kid. I’ll even put up with Mike No’D if you leave him alone. Yes Clyde he is a trifle weak going left, but they keep pushing him that way, keep daring him to shoot the jumper he supposedly doesn’t have, and guess what? He finds a way to make it work. I’m doing Grand Jete across my living room.That’s a ballplayer. We struck gold…again. Fields last year and Linn this one. They actually play great together, but Lin is the leader we have been looking for. The guys play hard for him. Is he Steve Nash yet, hell no. But one day….soon he might be close. He makes guys, especially big guys better. I haven’t seen P&Rs drop like rain from the MSG rafters in a very long time. Our guys missed so many layups it had to be from sheer shock , maybe the novelty of getting the ball so close in scoring position that they froze up.

Jeremy has all kinds of possibilities. He’s too weak to defend so he wipes out two top notch NBA defenders. One a guy who specializes in Kobe killing. He’s so weak he’s played major minutes in 2, count’em wins, the second over one of the more physical teams around. This Kid is full of surprises, so far great ones. I’m not gonna say I didn’t doubt him, I did. Fortunately, being a know-it-all is not all it is cracked up to be. I was wrong, he was right. There is a long road ahead to the playoffs and now we are undermanned with Amare out and Melo hurt. We are going to lose some, but it will be very interesting to see if he can meld our two stars, Tyson is obviously on board all ready, into something special. This is not going to be easy, but then the Kid is someone special. That’s obvious to everyone now.I ain’t betting against him. Finally, finally, LGK!