Sixth Annual Golf Classic

at the Eagle Ridge GOLF CLUB

To benefit the J.R. Smith Youth Foundation “Opening doors For tomorrow’s youth “


J.R. Smith Youth Foundation is a New Jersey non-profit corporation. The foundation was organized to provide opportunities and support for young people through education, sports, the Arts and other beneficial activities through scholarships, grants and programs designed to further those goals. Distributions are made to organizations that qualify as exempt under section 501-C3 of the Internal Revenue Code.  

EARL is really a very good soul at heart. Consider out of the highest paid Knicks,  JR is is among the lowest …with only Brewer and Chris Smith below him ( add Copeland if he becomes guaranteed.) If any of you old heads play golf… this is a great way to have fun and give for a very good cause. You won’t see these type of tweets from the MSM… only his ill advised
make their twitters Jitter.